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Как правильно spielst du gitarre

Как правильно spielst du gitarre

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If you bring someone or something with you when you come to a place, you have them with you. If you ask someone to bring you something, you are asking them to carry or move it to the place where you are. If you take someone or something to a place, you carry or drive them there.

The past tense form of take is took. The -ed participle is taken. If you fetch something, you go to the place where it is and return with it.

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Carry and take are usually used to say that someone moves a person or thing from one place to another. When you use carry , you are showing that the person or thing is quite heavy. You can also say that a ship, train, or lorry is carrying goods of a particular kind. Similarly you can say that a plane, ship, train, or bus is carrying passengers.

Take can be used in a similar way, but only if you say where someone or something is being taken to. Have and take are both commonly used with nouns as their objects to indicate that someone performs an action or takes part in an activity.

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With some nouns, you can use either have or take with the same meaning. There is often a difference between British and American usage. When talking about some activities, American speakers often use take. Take is one of the commonest verbs in English. It is used in many different ways. Its other forms are takes , taking , took , taken. If something takes a certain amount of time, you need that amount of time in order to do it.

Как правильно spielst du gitarre

To capture physically; seize: take an enemy fortress. To seize with authority or legal right: The town took the land by eminent domain.

To get possession of fish or game, for example by capturing or killing. Sports To catch or receive a ball or puck : The player took the pass on the fly. To remove or cause to be absent, especially: a. To remove with the hands or an instrument: I took the dishes from the sink.

The dentist took two molars. To cause to die; kill or destroy: The blight took these tomatoes.

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  • To subtract: If you take 10 from 30, you get To exact: The storm took its toll. To affect in a strong or sudden manner as if by capturing, as: a.

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    To deal a blow to; strike or hit: The boxer took his opponent a sharp jab to the ribs. To delight or captivate: She was taken by the puppy. To catch or affect with a particular action: Your remark took me by surprise. See Usage Note at bring. To convey by transportation: This bus will take you to Dallas. To lead or cause to go along to another place: The guide took us to the waterfall.

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    To be as a path or course for; provide a way for: The trail takes you to the lake. To receive into or on the body, as: a.

    To put food or drink, for example into the body; eat or drink: took a little soup for dinner. To draw in; inhale: took a deep breath. To make use of or select for use, as: a. To move into or assume occupancy of: She took a seat by the fireplace. The team took the field.

    To require the use of something : It takes money to live in this town.

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    This camera takes millimeter film. To use or require time : It only takes a few minutes to wash the car. To use something as a means of conveyance or transportation: take a train to Pittsburgh. To use something as a means of safety or refuge: take shelter from the storm. To choose and then adopt a particular route or direction while on foot or while operating a vehicle: Take a right at the next corner. I downshifted to take the corner.

    To undertake, make, or perform: take a walk; take a decision.

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  • To perceive or become aware of by one of the senses: took a quick look at the sky; took a smell of the spices. To commit and apply oneself to the study of: take art lessons; take Spanish. To study for with success: took a degree in law. To accept, receive, or assume, as: a.

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  • To accept something owed, offered, or given either reluctantly or willingly: take a bribe. To allow to come in; give access or admission to; admit: The boat took a lot of water but remained afloat. We took the dog for a week. To assume for oneself: take all the credit.

    To agree to undertake or engage in a task or duty, for example : She took the position of chair of the committee. To be affected with; catch: The child took the flu.

    To be hit or penetrated by: took a lot of punches; took a bullet in the leg.

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    To withstand: The dam took the heavy flood waters. To require or have as a fitting or proper accompaniment: Transitive verbs take a direct object. To impose upon oneself; subject oneself to: take a vow. To regard or consider in a particular relation or from a particular viewpoint: We must take the bitter with the sweet. Take the matter as settled. To understand or interpret: May I take your smile as an indication of approval? To consider to be equal to; reckon: We take their number at 1, To obtain from a source; derive or draw: This book takes its title from the Bible.

    Как правильно spielst du gitarre

    To write or make a record of, especially in shorthand or cursive writing: take a letter; take notes. To create an image, likeness, or representation , as by photography: took a picture of us.

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    To accept or receive something: When it comes to advice, you take but you never give. To have the intended effect; operate or work: The skin graft took. To start growing; root or germinate: Have the seeds taken? To gain popularity or favor: The television series never took and was later canceled. Regional To begin or engage in an activity: He took and threw the money in the river.

    A quantity collected at one time, especially the amount of profit or receipts taken on a business venture or from ticket sales at a sporting event. The number of fish, game birds, or other animals killed or captured at one time.

    A scene filmed without interrupting the run of the camera. Often used in combination: a double-take. A physical reaction, such as a rash, indicating a successful vaccination.

    An attempt or a try: He got the answer on the third take. To follow as an example: John takes after his grandfather. To pursue hastily: The store owner took after the thief. To divide into parts; disassemble or dismantle. To dissect or analyze a theory, for example , usually in an effort to discover hidden or innate flaws or weaknesses. To bring to a lower position from a higher one.

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    To take apart; dismantle: take down the Christmas tree. To lower the arrogance or the self-esteem of a person : really took him down during the debate. To put down in writing: take down a letter. To regard as: Do you take me for a fool? To grant admittance to; receive as a guest or an employee. To reduce in size; make smaller or shorter: took in the waist on the pair of pants. To make a garment smaller by tailoring.

    Nautical To furl a sail. To include or encompass: The tour takes in every site worth seeing. To attend or experience: took in a movie; took in the sites. To deceive or swindle: was taken in by a confidence artist.